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Announcement of the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organization on the Establishment of the Global 50-Person Forum on Intellectual Property

ڣ2022-02-10 589

As the world's major economies develop and apply new knowledge and new technologies intensified, correspondingly, while intellectual property has become the main means of creating wealth, it has also increasingly become the core element of international competitiveness and one of the focus issues of international commercial disputes. In order to further improve the prevention and solution of international intellectual property disputes, the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organization ICDPASO, hereinafter referred to as "Dispute Settlement Organization"has decided to establish the Global Intellectual Property 50-person Forum Global Intellectual Property 50, hereinafter referred to as "GIP 50". GIP 50 is committed to bringing together global intellectual property political and business leaders, academic elites, and industry leaders to build a bridge of communication to promote the healthy development of the global intellectual property system. The relevant events are hereby announced as follows:

1. Organizational structure of GIP 50

GIP 50 will be a permanent forum. To ensure the independence, professionalism and credibility of the Forum, a Forum Organizing Committee will be established, consisting of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary general and members. The Forum Organizing Committee implements an appointment system with a term of three years. The Dispute Settlement Organization will set up an Intellectual Property Center to assume the functions of the GIP 50 secretariat.

GIP 50 members implement a declaration system. Applicants include individuals, enterprises, and related institutions, regardless of country or region. After the registration is preliminarily screened by the secretariat of the organizing committee, the dispute settlement organization will publicize it to the world through the official website and official account. After being announced that there is no objection and reporting to the Dispute Settlement Organization Supervision Committee for review, they are officially selected.

2. Contents of GIP 50 activities

1Main ForumTo be held once a yearaiming to conduct in-depth discussions on new trends and developments in global intellectual property

2 Supporting activitiesAccording to specific issues and concerns such as hotspots and difficulties in the field of intellectual property, various forms of dialogues, seminars, roundtables and other activities are held from time to time, such as the "Knowledge Wealth Forum"

3 Release of resultsOrganize professional forces to conduct research on hot and difficult issues surround the international intellectual property field, and successively release research results such as global intellectual property index reports

4 Talent trainingFocusing on serving economic globalization, actively explore and carry out intellectual property talent training plans and actions

5 Other events: Carrying out relevant activities in a timely manner in accordance with the international rules and systems of intellectual property and the best practices in the global development of intellectual property.

3. Matters needing attention

1 Applicants should have the basic awareness of promoting global intellectual property exchanges and cooperation, and consciously safeguard the reputation of the forum.

2 GIP 50 is committed to building a bridge of communication for enterprises or institutions from all walks of life in the relevant field of intellectual property around the world, and relevant opinions represent members only.

3 GIP 50 insists on inclusiveness, and welcomes interested professionals and institutions from all walks of life to actively participate in the activities organized by the forum.

4 GIP 50 is a non-profit permanent forum, and the relevant activities fees shall be agreed upon by all participants.

5 The GIP 50 main forum and supporting activities will select host cities and cooperating partners worldwide. Please pay attention to inquiries.


The Dispute Settlement Organization sincerely invites people from all walks of life who are interested in participating in the global development of intellectual property to join us! Interested parties are kindly requested to fill in the application form Download address http://www.icdpaso.org/content/2247and submit it to the email address of the Secretariat of the Dispute Settlement Organization secretariat@icdpaso.orgbefore March 31. Please specify "GIP 50" in the subject of the email.

The Announcement is hereby made.

International Commercial Dispute

Prevention and Settlement Organization 


         February 9, 2022

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